Ambassadors and Brand Reps

Meet the Ambassadors and Brand Reps behind Pipkin and Bella.  They are representative of our customer base and try and test all of our products before we release them on our website.

Our Ambassadors' at Pipkin and Bella HQ

Caia, Bella, Toby, Abi, Daisy & Ellie.  We also have Angus, Pipkin, Luna and Milo but as anyone with pets knows its impossible to get all of them in a photo at once!

Meet our Brand Reps

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I'm a Bengal Cross and big bro to Nala, I love chicken, my mouse catnip toy and most of all napping next to my human.

Birthday: 13th December



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I'm a Miniature Dachshund and I love eating chicken and fish, playing with squeaky balls, barking and sleeping!

Birthday: 23rd January



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I'm a mixed breed recue from Romania ~ love gravy bones and squeaky toys and being on the beach with my friends.

Birthday: 30th January



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I'm a Bengal Cross and little sis to Noah.  I love all food, any food, your food!  I'm good at catching mice.

Birthday: 08th May

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I'm a rescued Greyhound crossed with a Saluki which means im known as a Lurcher or a LongDog ~ love going to the coffee shop for a puppachino. 

Birthday: 15th April

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I'm a Cocker Spaniel, master sock thief and I love love love squeaky balls and treats!

Birthday: 31st Jul