Balm: Sore Paws ~ Lavender & Ginger

Balm: Sore Paws ~ Lavender & Ginger

Our 'Balm for Sore Paws' with Lavender & Ginger contains 100% human grade natural ingredients, several items are organic and the balm is vegan.  It is perfect for regular use and suitable for dogs and puppies.


All our balms will Protect, Soothe and Repair due to the base ingredients that we use ~ this balm has added Lavender essential oils & Ginger essential oils to further protect your dogs paws.


Balm designed and hand made in Scotland UK by Pipkin and Bella.


How to Use: With clean hands gently rub a small amount onto your pet’s paws, a little goes a long way.


Ingredients/Materials: Coconut Oil Organic, Shea Butter Organic (Nut), Aloe Vera Butter, KuKui Nut Oil (Nut), Coconut Wax, Vitamin E Oil, Lavender Essential Oil Organic and Ginger Essential Oil Organic.


None of our balms include any synthetic fragrances, sulphates or parabens, artificial colours or preservatives.


Sizing: Weight and sizes are approximate as they are handmade but they will never weigh less than the noted weight, you may get a few grammes for free! Weight 60g.


Important Information: Shea Butter Organic and KuKui Nut Oil are classified as nut ingredients and should be avoided if you or your pet has nut allergies.  The ingredients that we use are all natural and are suitable for your pet to use, however, should you or your pet have a reaction no matter how minor you should cease use immediately. This product is not intended to treat skin conditions but to help soothe minor irritations, for persistent skin complaints always seek veterinary advice. Not for use on puppies under 8 weeks old. Not for use on cats. Not for use on your pets nose,  we recommend that essential oils or scents should not be applied to the nose of your pet as it will overwhelm them due to the amount of receptors that they have.