Adjustable Dog Harness: Jellie Bubba

Adjustable Dog Harness: Jellie Bubba

Our Pipkin and Bella Pet Boutique Jellie Bubba harness is perfect for dogs and puppies ~ This harness has a white background with cute multi coloured jellie cartoons across the design.


Our harness is fast drying, padded and breathable with adjustable neck & chest. With a Pipkin and Bella rubber logo plus metal D ring to attach lead / poop bag holder.


Designed in the UK by Pipkin and Bella.


How to Use: Adjust neck & chest size to suit your pet and clip on.


Ingredients/Materials: Cotton & polyester blend. Metal D ring. Toughened plastic clip locks and adjusters.



Extra Small (XS) Neck: 29cm-36cm. Chest: 36-48cm

Small (S) Neck: 35-44cm. Chest: 41-54cm 

Medium (M) Neck: 39-51cm. Chest: 46-61cm 

Large (L) Neck: 42-56cm.  Chest: 57-83cm 

Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth and dry flat.


Important: Items should be checked on a regular basis for any wear & tear, if wear & tear is identified you should discontinue use for the safety of your pet.


Items within a collection may have a colour variation due to different materials being used to construct each item.