Pet Blanket: Florrie Bunny

Pet Blanket: Florrie Bunny

The Pipkin and Bella Pet Boutique Florrie Bunny Sherpa Fleece Blanket has a green background with bunnies, lambs, lady bugs, hearts & flowers across the design. 


Sherpa Fleece mimics natural wool making it warm, cosy, soft and lightweight.  


Designed in the UK by Pipkin and Bella.


Ingredients/Materials: Cotton & polyester blend.


Sizing: 75cm x 100cm.

Care Instructions: Wash at 30 degrees, dry flat if possible, do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron.


Important: Items should be checked on a regular basis for any wear & tear, if wear & tear is identified you should discontinue use for the safety of your pet.


Items within a collection may have a colour variation due to different materials being used to construct each item.